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AGRRA Innovations Inc. is engaged in trading and  supply of branded and innovative products, materials, and solutions from the world to the growing Philippine construction market.  The company began with the latest steel coating technology under the brand AMZ Steel® developed by the Japanese, and the strongest composite board technology under the brand MAGNUX Board®, developed by the French.  Making these products available to the Philippines offer the market with high quality, high value options as consumer awareness and demand grow for better construction materials that can withstand the ever-changing climates and environments of our country.  Marketed to architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators, manufacturers, the company’s product lines are chosen for their high quality features, longevity, sustainability, and long term cost savings.

Company Mission Statement

AGRRA Innovations Inc.’s mission is to be a reliable and preferred market provider of innovative, world-class, high quality, and sustainable building and industrial materials in the Philippines.

Company Mission